The Basics of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is generally defined as the act of advertising and promoting business, its product and service through the use of electronic media like computer and internet. Here, digital serves as the medium of delivering the business message to its target market and customers. This comes in different forms or types of elements.  Digital marketing takes into the account the use of electronic devices including mobiles.

The following is a list of the most common elements used in the implementation;

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This type of marketing aims to make the business more recognized on different search engines. The execution of effective SEO techniques can make the business page ranked higher on Google and other search engine sites. This is most commonly done through the use of particular keywords. SEO techniques may include back-linking activities.

2. Social Media Marketing

The rise of many social media platforms gave birth to this marketing strategy where business tries to interact and communicate with the potential marketing through social media sites. Here, the business is able to make updates on their page regarding the business, service and product.

3. Email Marketing

This is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing wherein the business formulates list of the target clients and their contact details. Here, the potential client would receive an email from the business regarding anything that is being offered by the business.

4. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is oftentimes associated with the creation of content. However, this type of marketing is not only limited to this. Viral marketing can also involve the creation of videos which can go viral on different video sites such as YouTube.

5. Affiliate Marketing

This type of affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing wherein business makes payment or reward to any of its affiliates that bring paying customer into it. The affiliate further brings leads, makes sales, and generates traffic to the business. This is in exchange of the business providing the best possible deals to its affiliate business.

Compared to the traditional way of marketing business, digital marketing makes the competition between and among business, be it small or big, at the same level. Since this approach utilizes the online world, the chance for both small and big business to promote products is fair enough. It is also a low cost marketing strategy. Since you can only get a few people to run your business online, there is a high demand for digital marketing agencies.