Painting Evergreen Trees in Digital Watercolour


I have been trying to find the 'best' way to paint evergreen trees in digital watercolours for a long time, and have come to the conclusion that there is no one best way. It depends on the painting and a bunch of other things like: which evergreen, how far away is it, the mood of the painting, is it in a group of them or alone... you get the idea.
Here is one I did today: 
Brushes used:
  •  Splashing Water Digital closed splat in a very dark green and two or three lighter ones
  • Fine Tip Digital Watercolour in very dark green for trunk and some smaller branches 
  • Digital Watercolour custom Wet into Wet Blender (Unsaturate a brush and blend with it)
  • remember the way the branches grow on this kind of tree.
Happy Painting!

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