Demonstration of Digital Watercolor Painting Techniques Using Corel Painter Pickerel Weed Part One


Pickerel Weed Part One

Demonstration of Digital Watercolor Painting Techniques Using Corel Painter 9.5

Illustration No. 1 Pickerel Weed - Sketch Layer

Note ~ September 2011

For some reason, this series of posts get a lots of visitors! I would like to point out that I painted this in August 2008 and my techniques have evolved since then. Please have a look in the Favourite Posts Area on the Home page for more current techniques and brushes.


The sketch of Pickerel Weed was done with sharp chalk on a new layer. Later I will either erase or blend it in pretty thoroughly. Sometimes I leave it, if it happens to be the right mark in the right place.



 Pickerel Weed WIP Illustration No. 2

On a new layer I began painting with greens and yellows using a custom pointed digital watercolour and digital watercolour blender. I am either blending the original chalk sketch in with a soft pointed blender brush or erasing it.  I have not dried the digital watercolour layer yet, because I may want to blend it some more. As you can see, I'm starting with the actual plant and leaving the reflections until later. I'm going to try to put this layer on top of a layer I have started painting the water on. I will have to cut the water areas out of this plant layer to get the water on the layer underneath to show. Tip: Remember the Lasso Tool.

I seem to remember doing this before and being able to erase the top layer to see the one underneath. When I tried that this time, it just erased the water too. Not what I want to do. I'll have to experiment and do some research to figure that out, because it will be so much easier and cleaner looking to erase rather than cut. I can also vary the opacity of my eraser brush giving me another way to vary the amount of paint on the paper.

More later...  

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The above was written in August/08 ... I have learned a few new tricks since then, but this is still all part of the techniques I've developed. This is interesting to look at even if you don't paint digitally, because it's such a cool medium to work in! I have had so many people ask me, "How I could possibly "do it" on the computer?" (A phrase which brings a totally off topic vision to my mind lol!) Anyway...this demonstration is fairly detailed compared to some of my shorter ones.

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Hi Joan: Seems pretty explanatory to me, however, doing it and understanding it are probably two different strengths for Me:) You are such a terrific painter and artist, it seems to come so naturally and reflects in your wonderful paintings. Hugs.
Kari Kari Nanstad

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