Bacon and Eggs on a Rampage - a new title for a reworked painting!



I tried really hard not to name this "Bacon and Eggs On a Rampage," but my sense of the ridiculous just won't let me get away with ignoring the impulse. It looks like the attack of the killer bacon and egg plant.
Copyright Joan A Hamilton - April 2012 

 What I did to change the painting to the one above.

  • I zoomed in a bit, cropped it.
  • Then I added some depth and interest to the top left corner.
  • I darkened all the shadows in the greens and the yellow of the flower/slipper.
  • I used a digital watercolour Pure Water Brush with the Resat ON (at even 5 % is enough) in the Well Control.
  • I blended with my custom DWC WIW Blender.
  • To erase some of the colour in in spots in the top left corner I used a Tiny Eraser Salt with the Jitter on slightly.
  • And I also used a Wet Splat Remove to generally take colour off in this area.
  • Then I applied some Wet WC Glazes and washes.
  • Tweaked the brightness /contrast and dye concentration.
  • Dropped all layers to Canvas,
  • Lifted to Watercolour layer 
  • Wet Entire WC Layer with  my custom Wet WC Light

 This is what the first version was called: Yellow Lady Slippers

Yellow Lady Slippers Copyright Joan A Hamilton

Which one do you like better? Why? 

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